Who are we?

We are professionals of an organization working on medical care and health concerned by the effects that contemporary societies´ pace of life and demands have on our bodies and our minds, work in search of strategies that can transform these lifestyles, supporting the maintenance and/or restoration of the health of human beings, with respect for the vital balance of the planet.

  • We offer comprehensive care for the maintenance and/or restoration of health.
  • We contribute to building healthy lifestyles and habits.
  • We work to minimize the side effects of conventional pharmacology.
  • We strengthen the body’s physiological capabilities to respond to disease.
  • We apply the principles of biological and functional medicine.
  • We build a culture of prevention of illness and maintenance of health.
  • We rescue traditional knowledge and experience, enabling practical applications that are adapted to our culture, for the maintenance and restoration of health.
  • We design educational outreach, research, advisory and consultancy activities that are consistent with our vision and mission.


From a holistic and functional perspective, create and implement strategies for the maintenance and restoration of health, prevention of diseases and complementary management of long term diseases, through the therapeutic resources of integrative biological medicine and educational, cultural and social actions that build healthy lifestyles, thereby supporting the improvement of life in harmony with the environment and society.


To be an internationally recognized center that is a pioneer and leader in promoting health through the provision of medical and therapeutic services in integrated and functional biological medicine, which foster the maintenance of human health, healthy lifestyles as well as well-being, respect for others and the environment.

Hernando Salcedo Fidalgo M.D.

Dr. Salcedo is a surgeon from Colombia’s Universidad Nacional. He studied his Masters and PhD in Social Sciences at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences in Paris. His respective theses are titled "Biographies, identities and disease. The experience of living with breast cancer" (see publications) and "Conversational analysis of medical interactions in Oncology". He has been internationally certified in Biological and Functional Medicine and Cell Therapy with living cells. He is a member of the Colombian Society of the History of Medicine, the Academy of the History of Cartagena de Indias and the Latin American Association of Discourse Studies. He is a scientific advisor to CHT Colombiana and Natur Produkt. He is a professor and researcher at the Centre for Research on Social Dynamics and the Area of Health, Medical Knowledge and Society at Universidad Externado, Colombia.

Nathalia Ortiz

Nathalia is a dentist from Colombia’s Universidad Nacional, specializing in the Management of Public Health, at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá. She spent her year of compulsory social service in the National Cancer Institute and has worked in clinical research since 2008.

Gladys González Walteros

Gladys is an experienced nursing assistant who has worked in the application of conventional and unconventional suerotherapy. Her enthusiasm to work in health from a social viewpoint has allowed her to combine her technical skills with a willingness to accompany long-term health-illness processes.

Mary Jacqueline Castañeda

Mary is an assistant nurse with extensive experience in care in the area of biological and functional medicine. She has significant expertise in accompanying people with long-term illnesses. Her training and work with non-conventional therapies has given her skills in serotherapy, the application of ozone and the handling of hyperbaric chambers. She is an expert in reflexology.